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Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Usage & Problem Report (version of 06.28)

> ? When I deleted a new dimension name, or rearranged
>  the dimension names, rotation of dimensions became impossible.

Hmmm??? Did you by any chance delete a pink cell? Those are the ones
the dimensions are now selected of and if you delete one, then that
dimension is frozen.

> ? When I hit 'escape' to go home, the left-hand window rotated
>  into the dimensions of the right-hand window.

Actually, both go to d.1 d.2 d.3, I think - or not?

> ? The left-hand window cannot seem to rotate its dimension views.
>  It should be usable for general exploration, dims must rotate.

Control-X, Control-Y, Control-Z

> ? (Windows-specific) After half an hour's use I got the Blue Screen
>  of Warning, restarts didn't help (still Blue Screen of Warning),
>  had to reboot.  
> If this is a general Java problem in Windows, then it's a problem
>  with Java, right?  They say it works on everything ...  And 80%
>  of the human race will have this problem.

It's a problem of *Windows*, not Java, I'd think. Windows with I/O heavy
stuff is asking for trouble. And because we're doing heavy I/O, writing
after every step, then windows will fail.

There is one way I can lower the number of writes to disk, which might
help. But I'd recommend doing any important demos on Linux exactly
because of this.