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:gzz: Usage & Problem Report (version of 06.28)

Hi everybody--

Here are some problems I found in one hour of use.
 I recognize that some may have been solved already,
 just reporting.

? When I deleted a new dimension name, or rearranged
 the dimension names, rotation of dimensions became impossible.

? When I hit 'escape' to go home, the left-hand window rotated
 into the dimensions of the right-hand window.

? The left-hand window cannot seem to rotate its dimension views.
 It should be usable for general exploration, dims must rotate.

? (Windows-specific) After half an hour's use I got the Blue Screen
 of Warning, restarts didn't help (still Blue Screen of Warning),
 had to reboot.  
If this is a general Java problem in Windows, then it's a problem
 with Java, right?  They say it works on everything ...  And 80%
 of the human race will have this problem.

Best, T

Theodor Holm Nelson              
Project Professor, Keio University SFC Campus, Fujisawa, Japan
Visiting Professor, University of Southampton, England
 ?  e-mail: ted@xxxxxxxxxx   ?  world-wide fax 1/415/332-0136
 ?  http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/    ?  http://www.xanadu.net
 ? Coordinates in USA      Tel. 415/ 331-4422
  Project Xanadu, 3020 Bridgeway #295, Sausalito CA 94965