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Re: [zzdev] :gzz,virt: Dim. rotation probs (and modifier keys)

On  7 Jul, Ted Nelson wrote:
>>> ? When I hit 'escape' to go home, the left-hand window rotated
>>>  into the dimensions of the right-hand window.
>>Actually at the moment, both windows reset to default dimensions (d.1,
>>d.2, d.3). Do you mean 'esc' shouldn't do that? 
> That's not what happened.  I was looking at three *other* dimensions
>  in the right window, and the left window reset to *them*.

I see - so these versions act differently. Weird, it doesn't do that for
me. Reading the current code it'll reset to three first dimensions in
the default dim-list (the first one).

> I'd suggest what we have in the prototype: "go home" separate from
>  "reset view".  If you want them the same it can be a keybinding that
>  puts both functions on one key.

First of all, I must say I don't know nothing. All I know is how the
version I'm using works, and how the current code says, and what I
intuitively can say. What do you actually mean with 'the prototype'?
The perl version or this java version?

Could the bindings then be like this:
'home': moves the right cursor home
'ctrl-home': moves the left cursor home (about 'ctrl' later on...)
'esc': gets you so far "out of the application" (the default meaning in
UIs) as it's possible in ZZ-space ie. both cursors at home, both views
showing the default three dimensions

If you say it should be done, we could bind some other keys for turning
the view to show the default dimensions. It's just that I don't see it
useful given these other commands. Of course, I haven't used ZZ alot,
 so could you tell me why you'd so often want to turn to default
dimensions somewhere in the structure?

>  I expected caps for the left and lower-case for the right.
>  Since going backwards through the list is a lot less important than 
>  rotating the left window view, the simpler keystroke should rotate.

At the moment, I see this is handled quite inconsistently in gZZ. In my
opinion we should decide, which modifier changes the view affected and
which one selects the direction. 

I see the left view called 'control view', so it would be somehow
logical to use 'ctrl' modifier for this. Also, I think 'ctrl' is a
major modifier - could change the window - when 'shift' is just
"modifying" something, like the direction.

But whichever way we choose, I'd say the consistency is more important
than the choice.