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Re: [zzdev] :zz,hier,tyrf: Deep overlap in ZigZag (was Re: :gzz: Modules (wuz Re: :zz,tyrf: "Re: [zzdev] Using XML import/export

> >Well, an applitude comes pretty close to a module, in fact.
> In some ways.  But the boundary is fuzzier and there's deep
>  overlap.  Hierarchy and encapsulation generally rule out deep
>  overlap.
> For instance, in the genealogy demo of my Norwegian
>  relatives, all the cells for the people might already be present.
>  So just connecting them embraces them within the applitude.

Yes, absolutely. But explaining that it is *similar* but somewhat
different will be much better when explaining it to people who know
about modules and not applitudes.

Also, "modular" is a *very* positive word for techies so you may want 
to use it in presentations and *then* explain how applitudes make really
cool modularity possible.