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Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Usage & Problem Report (version of 06.28)

On  7 Jul, Ted Nelson wrote:
> ? When I deleted a new dimension name, or rearranged
>  the dimension names, rotation of dimensions became impossible.

I tried to reproduce this, but I found only that switching to a
dimension without a name freezed the display. I wonder if this caused
your problem, or could it have been that the rank was left acyclic. And
of course, I'm running a newer version.
> ? When I hit 'escape' to go home, the left-hand window rotated
>  into the dimensions of the right-hand window.

Actually at the moment, both windows reset to default dimensions (d.1,
d.2, d.3). Do you mean 'esc' shouldn't do that? I find it nice to be
able to reset to the beginning - when you're at home you don't have much
use to special dimensions before you've travelled somewhere. And at the
present, one can use 'home' to get home without changing the
dimensions. Should we change this?

> ? The left-hand window cannot seem to rotate its dimension views.
>  It should be usable for general exploration, dims must rotate.

You tried Ctrl-x and Ctrl-Shift-x?

> ? (Windows-specific) After half an hour's use I got the Blue Screen
>  of Warning, restarts didn't help (still Blue Screen of Warning),
>  had to reboot.  
> If this is a general Java problem in Windows, then it's a problem
>  with Java, right?  They say it works on everything ...  And 80%
>  of the human race will have this problem.

Sure we'll get some of this type of bugs found now that we're going to
test it on different platforms, I guess we all here in Finland use
Linux & IBM's JVM. Cross-platform development has always it's problems -
I mean no two identical implementations exist - but I'm sure we're able
to fix these. 

About that specific problem in Windows, I guess it's pretty hard to
find out what the problem really is: maybe it was just Windows (not if
you get it always running gzz and never otherwise!), maybe it was the
Java Virtual Machine implementation you're using (we must test several
of these), maybe we've got a bug in our code that is visible only on
that JVM&OS. But I'm sure it is possible to squeeze this problem out of
our system, somehow :-)

I use javac to compile the code, they use jikes: what I found out was
that a certain language detail was illegal using javac but jikes didn't

I got IBM's latest JVM, version 1.3, and for some reason the views
don't center before I press a key.


P.S. Sorry for me spamming the XML question earlier. I had some
problems with my mail system here.