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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Comments on Gzz 06.3

Hi Ted!

Ted Nelson wrote:

GzzReport02.09.20 D2z

Hi Tuomas et al.--

I've spent several hours using the 0603 [GET CORRECT NAME] version in
Windows, and I have to say it's very wonderful-looking and pretty stable.
I'd call it a two-order-of-magnitude improvement.


 - The MindSun and MindSunDew views are glorious!  Haven't found a use for
them but they're really fun, especially going around in the Bindings wheel.

Yes, that's about what my mother says, too :-)

(Except that she views poems on the wheel, not the bindings.)

One thing about the wheel is something you said earlier: interpretation of a d.2 rank should stop at the next negwards d.1 connection. My mom has >600 poems connected on d.2, with d.1 headings for each day and month of the year-- the mindsun* views don't respect the d.1 headings and try to show all poems for all months, which is not very useful. (Asko: Hint, hint ;-) )

 - "Edithack" does not fire up when you execute a clone of the Edithack
cell; must execute the original.

That's very interesting. If I ever look at 0.6 more closely again, I'll look into that.

Currently, of course, I'm also working on 0.8 mainly.

 - Traditional crash: as in previous versions, putting both cursors on a
cell and deleting it crashes the system.

Yes, this is a known bug :( It would even be easy to fix, if I didn't have to spend the time to get back into the 0.6 codebase first...

My mother has also experienced problems when inputting lots of text (inability to save). Also, one very strange bug: when putting a few pages of text into a cell, it suddenly disappears in the cell! It's still shown in the edithack window, but not in the cell.

- Benja