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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Comments on Gzz 06.3

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 01:35:53AM +0100, Ted Nelson wrote:
> GzzReport02.09.20 D2z
> ===?02.09.20
> Hi Tuomas et al.--
> I've spent several hours using the 0603 [GET CORRECT NAME] version in
> Windows, and I have to say it's very wonderful-looking and pretty stable.
> I'd call it a two-order-of-magnitude improvement.

0.6 is ancient; 0.8 is what we're working towards now.

>   - I am delighted to note that the data structure is shrunk to reasonable
> size.  By my rough count the overhead seems to be about 20 bytes per cell.
> Great!

I did tell you about this ages ago.

>   - The Presentation view is very nice.  Animated morph to subsidiary
> outline points is excellent.  However, not showing the shared corner cell
> puzzles me.  

It's just a really quick hack, not intended to be anything permanent.

>   - The MindSun and MindSunDew views are glorious!  Haven't found a use for
> them but they're really fun, especially going around in the Bindings wheel.
>  Fascinating how the circular refresh of the keystroke cells creates a
> Möbius effect.

Asko is now doing his civilian service with us; expect more like that ;)

>   - "Edithack" does not fire up when you execute a clone of the Edithack
> cell; must execute the original.
>   - Despite the "Commit" function (which perhaps I don't understand
> correctly), I found it impossible to save the system without closing it.
>   - Had lots of Raster Errors, which I thought at first were irrecoverable,
> but it turned out they could be escaped with Esc.

These will be different in 0.8

>   - Regrettably, two copies of the system cannot run together without
> interference and Windows eventually crashing.

Well, I'd say that's Bill's problem. Except if you're using the same 
directory on both.

>   - THE KILLER: adding a bunch of cells on d.1 with 10k of contents slowed
> it down glacially.  However, breaking them on d.1 after connecting them on
> d.2 sped it up a lot.  Unfortunately, attempting to rotate the view with
> this much overall text kills the sytem completely (as far as I can tell).

Yes, this kind of stuff is among the things we want to fix in the 0.8 release.