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:zz: Comments on Gzz 06.3

GzzReport02.09.20 D2z

Hi Tuomas et al.--

I've spent several hours using the 0603 [GET CORRECT NAME] version in
Windows, and I have to say it's very wonderful-looking and pretty stable.
I'd call it a two-order-of-magnitude improvement.

Congratulations to all.

Here are some compliments and good points:

  - Windows arrow keys now work for the Data window.
  - I am delighted to note that the data structure is shrunk to reasonable
size.  By my rough count the overhead seems to be about 20 bytes per cell.
  - The Presentation view is very nice.  Animated morph to subsidiary
outline points is excellent.  However, not showing the shared corner cell
puzzles me.  Interesting properties, esp. when it loops in d.2 or has
preceding or succeeding pages in d.2.  Unfortunate not able to scroll below
the tenth item.
  - The MindSun and MindSunDew views are glorious!  Haven't found a use for
them but they're really fun, especially going around in the Bindings wheel.
 Fascinating how the circular refresh of the keystroke cells creates a
Möbius effect.
  - "Edithack" works nicely with clipboard, makes it possible to put in
lotza stuff.
  - I was able to put in a lot of contents.  Seemingly got as far as 100k
before problems appeared.

That said, I have had the following problems:

  - "Edithack" does not fire up when you execute a clone of the Edithack
cell; must execute the original.
  - Despite the "Commit" function (which perhaps I don't understand
correctly), I found it impossible to save the system without closing it.
  - Had lots of Raster Errors, which I thought at first were irrecoverable,
but it turned out they could be escaped with Esc.


  - Traditional crash: as in previous versions, putting both cursors on a
cell and deleting it crashes the system.
  - Regrettably, two copies of the system cannot run together without
interference and Windows eventually crashing.
  - THE KILLER: adding a bunch of cells on d.1 with 10k of contents slowed
it down glacially.  However, breaking them on d.1 after connecting them on
d.2 sped it up a lot.  Unfortunately, attempting to rotate the view with
this much overall text kills the sytem completely (as far as I can tell).

An oddity:

  - Wishing to go to some particular cell, I accidentally typed its number
twice (or some such).  This took me to a freshly-minted cell with a very
long integer ID.  After which each new cell had an ID which incremented
this number.  Prob. not what you want.

Best wishes to all of you, Ted

PS.  Fast typing crashes it, as before.

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