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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Nile

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> > * how do I reference dimensions in the code? (which dimension is d.nile?)
> A clone of that cell.
> Oh, you mean Java code ;)
> It'll be a cell stored in some variable, initialized somehow.

I'd love not to mean Java code.

One thing I'm going to do real soon now (read: pre-x-mas) is to write a
Dump class which can read and write files like this:

	2 Actions


	1 2


	2 1

Yes, I'd prefer xml too, but the xml classes needed are unhandy and pose
too many problems. The Dump format, along with subspace selectors (which
need to wait some time pbly), should make it possible to use zzspaces in
CVS. (The reverse section is there to make diffs usable.)

I'll come up with some trivial solution for multiline contents. Spans
possibly too.

That should get us a step closer to coding in gzz (although of course
I'd much rather use a real zz versioning environment, but Dump is a
quick&useful hack, I should think). At least when we have subspace
selectors and thus can dump subspaces easily, we can use gzz for coding
fixed parts of the space (actions!!!).

Oh, yes: I thought I'd do a dump2java thing which converts the dumps to
java code at make time, rendering them distributable just like
ZZDefaultSpace (if possibly a bit weightier, but it shouldn't be that
much actually -- or am I wrong?).

- Benja