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Nile now works, for a suitable definition of works. There's a 
short listing of the keybindings in CVS, Documentation/Nile/nileug.wml.

Basically, I can write text, make new paragraphs, change mode
(char-word-sentence), hop each of those units, backspace over
a paragraph edge etc.

It's NOT safe yet so don't start writing your dissertation on it ;)
But it's good enough to start testing and thinking about the future.

Now, the biggest challenge here is to abstract and encapsulate it
to a sufficient degree; I'd like to be able to use the same text-editing
machinery in a variety of situations. That's why I haven't put in
bindings for the different levels of headings etc. just yet, since
those should be applitude-dependent and pluggable. 

Similarly, things that we need for writing articles, such as 
references and figures should be put in as an independent, pluggable

The whole framework needs a lot of thought.

One thing I'd like to do would be to have it be possible to have the
currently active text at one place, and then all the connections from it to 
other places floating around it.