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Re: [zzdev] GZigZag and education?

> Hm, at my school I'm really "at the source" for people who are
> researching and developing new ways of teaching -- not actually doing
> teacher education so much, though. Could you elaborate a bit on what you
> have in mind, and what kind of partners you need? If you need people who
> actually try out the system in education as a research project, I could
> try to interest someone for your project.

The idea for that kind of an enviroment came from Kimmo
and we continued thinking about it together, it's called
"group-association tool" made for developing ideas for
research groups such as this. We called the activity
"learning by researching (or communicating?)" or 
something like that. 

It's based on the very basic idea that GZigZag makes
it possible to combine everything with everything else and
that you should be able to use  the same text
produced e.g. in a chat room in other structures,
e.g. in a piece of writing without copy & pasting. 
The environment would include some kind of a group writing tool
and group communication applitudes. (We had some 
ideas indeed but my notes are somewhere, that's
two months ago.)

Kimmo, do you have time to explain a bit more about that,
please? (I'll add things if you leave something out ---)
It doesn't have to be anything technical, just ideas.
If you don't then I'll just continue writing about this

Yeah, co-operation might be a good idea, because then
we could probably get some EU money for the project.