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Re: [zzdev] GZigZag and education?

Hi Cat!

Katariina Ervasti wrote:
> a paragraph that summarizes pretty well what these people
> are trying to do.
> "Our aim was to find a way to study completely as one of our main thesis
> was that a human being observes the world as a whole. We believed that
> phenomenon-based learning would enable the holistic construction of the
> world. In our multidisciplinary studies all sciences focus on the same
> phenomenon. They mix together and support each other in understanding the
> phenomenon. No separate subjects take place. Instead of studying the
> nature of some science separately in phenomenon-based learning the aim
> itself is to understand the phenomenon with the help of different
> sciences. This naturally requires a lot of support from different
> experts."

That sounds a LOT like what is done at my school. (Although from this
short bit I'm not completely sure if the overlap is as great as it
seems.) Here it's called "Perspektivwechsel" -- "change of perspective,"
and it means you attend a course about a certain topic, in which you
explore the views of different sciences on that topic.

> Yeah, so we've been talking (especially with Kimmo)
> about developing a GZigZag-based learning environment
> and we would like to find some partners, some people
> doing teacher education or something, but haven't
> been able to find anyone crazy enough. These might
> be the right people, if they happen to be interested
> or if they happen to have time.

Hm, at my school I'm really "at the source" for people who are
researching and developing new ways of teaching -- not actually doing
teacher education so much, though. Could you elaborate a bit on what you
have in mind, and what kind of partners you need? If you need people who
actually try out the system in education as a research project, I could
try to interest someone for your project.

But I'd need at least a rough sketch of what you're thinking of.

- Benja