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Re: [zzdev] GZigZag and education?


On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Katariina Ervasti wrote:
> It's based on the very basic idea that GZigZag makes
> it possible to combine everything with everything else and
> that you should be able to use  the same text
> produced e.g. in a chat room in other structures,
> e.g. in a piece of writing without copy & pasting. 
> The environment would include some kind of a group writing tool
> and group communication applitudes. (We had some 
> ideas indeed but my notes are somewhere, that's
> two months ago.)
> Kimmo, do you have time to explain a bit more about that,
> please? (I'll add things if you leave something out ---)
> It doesn't have to be anything technical, just ideas.
> If you don't then I'll just continue writing about this
> later.

I've been really interested in using gzz as a base for 
collaborative learning environment, especially for collaborative
knowledge building and sharing. However, recently I've been
thinking that it could be reasonable to start from a small scale 
personal writing tool, which, in turn, could be later used as a 
writing tool in the collaborative environment.

Don't know whether this makes sense, but I've tried to do some
pictures which (hopefully) illustrate the idea. Comments, please ;)
See http://www.jyu.fi/~wikikr/zz/bb2.html

> Yeah, co-operation might be a good idea, because then
> we could probably get some EU money for the project.

Not bad!

> cat


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