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Re: [zzdev] GZigZag and education?

> >In our multidisciplinary studies all sciences focus on the same
> >phenomenon. They mix together and support each other in understanding the
> >phenomenon. No separate subjects take place.

> I'm sure you know that this relates very closely to Ted's ideas about
> education.  We are great believers in multi- and inter-disciplinary

Yeah, that's why I sent the e-mail on the list. :-) 

I've been studing in a rather inter-disciplinary manner so that's
probably why I moved to Jyväskylä to work for this project. GZZ attracts
people who have that kind of a picture of the world. There's
an education programme at the university of Vaasa (that's the
programme that I was doing) where the humanistic dept. of communication
studies and the dept. of computer science co-operate to educate more
open-minded individuals. :-) But I hadn't heard the word "generalist" 
until Ted started to preacher it on one of his lectures. (Nobody
knows about the programme really, our dept. in Vaasa (I mean especially
the dept. of communication studies) is not that famous even though
it should be because it's really hippy and cool and strange, but 
I've actually read an article about hypertext history where they MENTION
the establishing of the programme. That's exaggeration actually
but geeee the article wasn't even written by a Finn.

(I don't remember who wrote the article. Or was it a book? I got to ask

> education.  The world needs more generalists!  In fact, we are about to set
> up a non-profit Generalist Institute.

I'll join. And I'll bet the people at our dept. in Vaasa 
will also join.

cat, on a good mood