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Re: EQObjects and garbage collection

> From: mark (Mark S. Miller)
>    From: autodesk!blitzen!rick (Rick Mascitti)
>    This indeed does look sweet.  Scheran (and I assume Ceran) has a bunch
>    of silly $(CASE) ants that generate different code based on whether
>    an arg/return type has a SPTR form or not that will just fade away.
>    (Merely deriving that information was a pain!)  I like it.  As michael
>    says, it allows us to concentrate on the semantics not the syntax.
> I think I'm missing something.  How does Michael's proposal allow
> Scheran to avoid using those ants?

Because you no longer have to distinguish returns of an SPTR(Foo) from
returns of a Foo*, but instead always claim to return an SPTR(Foo) and
let the automagic fake SPTRs handle the other cases as they arise?