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EQObjects and garbage collection

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 22:47:33 PST
   From: michael (Michael McClary)


   Because you no longer have to distinguish returns of an SPTR(Foo) from
   returns of a Foo*, but instead always claim to return an SPTR(Foo) and
   let the automagic fake SPTRs handle the other cases as they arise?

No, you still will sometimes return a WPTR(Foo) instead of a SPTR(Foo)
because you happen to know that right here it is safe, even though the
object referred to is under garbage collection.  You may know it is
safe because you are returning an object which you happen to know will
be retained for other reasons at least as long as the return value Var
stays alive.  Uncommon, but we should not stop accomodating it.  Oh