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Re: More Class Attribute Changes: PROXY -> MOBILE & FORWARDED

> From: mark (Mark S. Miller)
> The proposed class attribute PROXY(Foo) has turned into MOBILE(Foo).
> The proposed method attribute PROXY has turned into FORWARDED.
> Having both be named the same obviously wouldn't have worked with cpp.
> We think these names are both clearer than PROXY.

I agree with the second part, and with FORWARDED.

MOBILE, though, is anti-mnemonic.  It sounds like you are saying the
class moves.  In fact, the distinction you are making is that the
class DOESN'T move, but has hired a local agent who forwards mail
from the branch office to the company headquarters.  MOBILE sounds
more like a COPY than a PROXY class to me, and sounds even more
like you're trying to talk about a shepherd.

I went through a thesaurus with Chris looking for a word for the condition
of being an organization with branch offices and a headquarters/main
branch, or a description of the standard interface to the main/branch
offices.  (The class you actually write describes the standard interface
to all branches, while the headquarters and branch office organizations
are generated from it.)

The path we followed: proxy/agent/principal/middleman/go between/broker.
Still not as good as we'd like, but we both think "BROKERED" is the closest
we've found to what we were looking for.

Can anyone think of anything better, or any reason not to go with BROKERED()?


PS:  Now that Chris is gone, just as I was about to send the letter,
     it hit me:  FRANCHISED!

     (Does this mean as soon as we have run a successful calc test we
     can say we've opened the first Xanadu franchise?  ;-) )

     (I WON'T suggest changing FORWARDED to BACK_ORDERED.)