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Re: Re: Javadocs for gzigzag

As a reply to message from \"Tuomas J. Lukka\" <lukka@xxxxxx>:
> > Could someone make javadocs for gzigzag available
> > I don\\\'t want to install the JDK1.2 just for the new
> > javadoc. Also, I\\\'m not able to get the parameters right
> > this JDK1.1 version of the tool (ie. a command-line to
> > would also do if you\\\'re all to busy).
> Doesn\'t
> 	make doc
> do the right thing any more?

Not quite - for me, at least: 101 errors or so. Of course it
gets only packages fi.iki.lukka and foo, and the class tree
shows only some interfaces etc.

These seem to be the main errors, repeated many times:
Warning: Couldn\'t find class info for java.lang.Object
Warning: Couldn\'t find class info for fi.iki.lukka.ZZCanvas.

I tried to figure this out, but at least adding the standard
classes to the source path didn\'t help anything.