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Re: Re: Javadocs for gzigzag

> Not quite - for me, at least: 101 errors or so. Of course it
> gets only packages fi.iki.lukka and foo, and the class tree
> shows only some interfaces etc.

But the package indices and the actual docs for the classes are OK.

> These seem to be the main errors, repeated many times:
> Warning: Couldn\'t find class info for java.lang.Object
> Warning: Couldn\'t find class info for fi.iki.lukka.ZZCanvas.
> RectCellThing

Yes, I get the same. If you want to make it work right, feel free.

But the docs are workable enough for my taste right now and I don't
want to spend the time to do this just right.

This would be a good place for a cronjob if this ever works without