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Run Gzigzag in one simple step on Mac OS X

i tried running the same version of gzz on os X, same os + java versions, but 
different hardware (g4/877/nvidia) + it works fine.

bash#  java -jar gzigzag-0-6.2-with-modules.jar <name-of-cell-folder>
the only problem is raster errors trying to use the mind* views :/

> >> renamed to gzigzag.jar when I enter
> >>
> >> java -jar gzigzag.jar
> >>
> >> gzz terminates with 'Bus error'
> >
> > It is a bug in your Java runtime, or alternatively you have bad
> > hardware.
> Installed Java 1.3.1 yesterday, fresh from Apple. Standard G4/400
> Powermac, 1.25G RAM, standard (stock Apple) video card.
> Thanks for the comment, but not very much to the point, is it? Hopefully
> you are more responsive to beta feedback from users in general than you
> were this time, dude;-)!
> Later
> P. S. I think maybe you have a 'bad attitude', or possibly a bug in your
> social skills runtime...