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AJ, as ever the joker!!! Bus error: Run Gzigzag in four simple steps on Mac OS X

On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 11:36  PM, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:

On 20020305T143456-0800, Edward Harter wrote:
On OS X 10.1.3 (most recent) with gzigzag-0.6.2-with-modules.jar
renamed to gzigzag.jar when I enter

java -jar gzigzag.jar

gzz terminates with 'Bus error'

It is a bug in your Java runtime, or alternatively you have bad hardware.

Installed Java 1.3.1 yesterday, fresh from Apple. Standard G4/400 Powermac, 1.25G RAM, standard (stock Apple) video card.

Thanks for the comment, but not very much to the point, is it? Hopefully you are more responsive to beta feedback from users in general than you were this time, dude;-)!


P. S. I think maybe you have a 'bad attitude', or possibly a bug in your social skills runtime...