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Re: AJ, as ever the joker!!! Bus error: Run Gzigzag in four simple steps on Mac OS X

On 20020305T171836-0800, Edward Harter wrote:
> Thanks for the comment, but not very much to the point, is it?

Yes it was.  Java is a language where the application programmer cannot
cause a bus error, unless JNI is used, and GZZ 0.6.2 doesn't use JNI, as
far as I know.  If a Java application crashes with a bus error, it is a
bug in the Java implementation.  Alternatively, the hardware where it's
being run is bad.

Even brand new hardware can be bad, and not all software trigger all
bugs in the hardware.

(By bad hardware I mean hardware that is broken in some way.  If there
is an unpleasant connotation in it, I apologise for my lack of deep
understanding of the English language.)

> Hopefully 
> you are more responsive to beta feedback from users in general than you 
> were this time, dude;-)!

I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression, but as far as I can tell,
I was as responsive as I possibly can be.  I gave you an answer I
honestly believe to be correct (you are, of course, free to show the
error in it) and I gave it without much delay.

> P. S. I think maybe you have a 'bad attitude', or possibly a bug in your 
> social skills runtime...

If I did, I'd now be accusing you of the same.

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, LuK (BSc)    * http://www.iki.fi/gaia/ * gaia@xxxxxx