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Re: [zzdev] Re: Rotation, new view system

> I think it's important that the rendering methods of the vobs and the
> cascading vob sets don't have to know anything about the rotation. They
> should draw into a Graphics object assuming they're straight up, and the
> architecture module should rotate that afterwards. The rotation itself
> should be attached "from the outside"-- 


> the new view system has a scheme
> for that, where information objects about a wide range of things can be
> attached to any vobset, e.g. whether this vob set is interpolated or
> not, or possibly which font to use for all the text vobs inside a vob set.

Which font? That doesn't sound right, as FontMetrics are not the
same between fonts. The fonts have to be measured when the view is
being planned.

> There is a KILLER PROBLEM though: connections. 


> All this makes NO sense
> if we cannot draw connections between stuff rotated at different angles.
> Even with lines, where the endpoints need to be rotated internally, this
> is hard, but with beams, it becomes impossible without giving the beamer
> intelligence about the rotation, it seems to me.
> This is an ugly one...

I don't know... basically the beamer needs only to be able to find
out the absolute coordinates of a given thing. That shouldn't be too hard
to do.