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Rotation, new view system

(Finally, a chance to start concentrating on further development)

While Benjamin was in Finland there was some talk about renewing the view system.
Specifically, views used as subviews of other views were discussed.

There's now a great need for something like this, as with the paper
(see Documentation/Manuscripts/HyperRFC) we discovered that
rotating the connected parts that float, the view is much clearer
than without rotation. 

I think that the Java2D possibility for using rotation would be best
done at the level of individual subviews - that way, Java1.1 clients
that do not have rotation do not have to pay for it (i.e. having a
rotation variable for each VOb would be way too much of a price to pay).

Probably it would be done so that each subview is its own flobset-like thing
but here the problems arise of how to do the flob<->cell identifications etc
properly... I'd like to open a discussion on this now since we actually want to implement
something pretty soon.

(pardon my English, I'm just getting used to being active
on the net again after a long break...)