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Re: Rotation, new view system

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> > I can find nothing related to rotation in HyperRFC/hyp.tex. Where
> > exactly should I look?
> Figure 4 in the article.
> I just put a PDF in http://himalia.it.jyu.fi/~antkaij/hypf.pdf

Thanks a lot. Now I understand.

I think it's important that the rendering methods of the vobs and the
cascading vob sets don't have to know anything about the rotation. They
should draw into a Graphics object assuming they're straight up, and the
architecture module should rotate that afterwards. The rotation itself
should be attached "from the outside"-- the new view system has a scheme
for that, where information objects about a wide range of things can be
attached to any vobset, e.g. whether this vob set is interpolated or
not, or possibly which font to use for all the text vobs inside a vob set.

There is a KILLER PROBLEM though: connections. All this makes NO sense
if we cannot draw connections between stuff rotated at different angles.
Even with lines, where the endpoints need to be rotated internally, this
is hard, but with beams, it becomes impossible without giving the beamer
intelligence about the rotation, it seems to me.

This is an ugly one...