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Ok, the current version will probably be the plan-to-throw-one-away one.
It works but the code is WAY too complicated.

So what is needed is a good abstraction, a really nice interface between
the action code and the actual structure.

The structure is OK, except that there needs to be a dummy cell in the
stream for each paragraph/heading/... edge, since otherwise word hopping
will make strange results. These cells will also have to be identified as
word and sentence breaks and that is when things get hard.

So, anyone have any good ideas about the API? It needs to handle the
stream as a whole (media/Stream.java is a start but too complex and
powerless), and handle hierarchical edges (each paragraph break is also a
word and sentence break). Some breaks are points in the stream, while some
are spans (e.g. word breaks make it easier to delineate whole words by
start and end than just the breaks).

It's quite an interesting thing that needs a lot of thought. I'll probably
work on Heraclitus clang for a while before continuing on nile.