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Re: Another big change

Hi Tuomas,

> Okay, well I just gave that a try (and all of the shift-, alt-, ctrl-
> variations) and it didn't have the effect you mentioned. One of the
> problems is not knowing _which_ of the modes is supposed to give the
> variable length cells. Is this a new mode, or is it one that already
> exists which you have made this change to?

Right, I forgot to mention: you have to start the client with

	java foo.Main -flob ...

Ok, -flob makes a _big_ difference. Yes, the cells now expand to adjust for text entry and I can see the text cursor. And another new text view as well??

that'll soon go away as the mode becomes the default. Then you'll see the
insertion cursor and the cell size change.

> One thing I _would_ like to ask for, however, is a little more detail
> on the changes to the system which affect those using gZZ, as I am
> trying to do.

Did you check out the ChangeLog?

I just pulled it down now, I guess I'll be studying it for awhile;-).

If you need any other details, feel free to ask. But for general use, I
don't recommend following the latest snapshots; I'd say figure which
features are most needed, we do them and release 0.0.1 and then you use
that until we release 0.0.2.

For the most part this sounds reasonable. Again, I'll let Ted handle that part of the discussion with you and for the time being do the best I can with the on-going releases.