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Re: Another big change

> > > Okay, well I just gave that a try (and all of the shift-, alt-, ctrl-
> > > variations) and it didn't have the effect you mentioned. One of the
> > > problems is not knowing _which_ of the modes is supposed to give the
> > > variable length cells. Is this a new mode, or is it one that already
> > > exists which you have made this change to?
> >
> >Right, I forgot to mention: you have to start the client with
> >
> >	java foo.Main -flob ...
> >                      ^^^^^
> Ok, -flob makes a _big_ difference. Yes, the cells now expand to 
> adjust for text entry and I can see the text cursor. And another new 
> text view as well??

Yes, the vstream view which shows the cells on d.2 as a continuous text
stream, billowed.