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Re: Another big change

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Edward Harter wrote:

> Hi Tuomas,
> > > But if I enter any more text than the size of the cell, I can't see
> > > it. Using the default settings on my system I can get around 20-25
> > > characters visible, but that's it. Also, I can move the insertion
> > > point around inside the cell but I can't see where it is, there seems
> > > to be no visible cursor inside the text field.
> > >
> > > What can I do to make extended text in one cell visible and
> > > accessible? And is there a way to make the text entry-edit easier to
> > > view and to use?
> >
> >Depends on what you mean easier. There is one mode (which you'll find
> >using 'v') where the cells are of variable length so they will widen to
> >accommodate more text.
> Okay, well I just gave that a try (and all of the shift-, alt-, ctrl- 
> variations) and it didn't have the effect you mentioned. One of the 
> problems is not knowing _which_ of the modes is supposed to give the 
> variable length cells. Is this a new mode, or is it one that already 
> exists which you have made this change to?

Right, I forgot to mention: you have to start the client with

	java foo.Main -flob ...

that'll soon go away as the mode becomes the default. Then you'll see the
insertion cursor and the cell size change.

> One thing I _would_ like to ask for, however, is a little more detail 
> on the changes to the system which affect those using gZZ, as I am 
> trying to do.

Did you check out the ChangeLog?

If you need any other details, feel free to ask. But for general use, I
don't recommend following the latest snapshots; I'd say figure which
features are most needed, we do them and release 0.0.1 and then you use
that until we release 0.0.2.