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Re: Another big change

Hi Tuomas,

> But if I enter any more text than the size of the cell, I can't see
> it. Using the default settings on my system I can get around 20-25
> characters visible, but that's it. Also, I can move the insertion
> point around inside the cell but I can't see where it is, there seems
> to be no visible cursor inside the text field.
> What can I do to make extended text in one cell visible and
> accessible? And is there a way to make the text entry-edit easier to
> view and to use?

Depends on what you mean easier. There is one mode (which you'll find
using 'v') where the cells are of variable length so they will widen to
accommodate more text.

Okay, well I just gave that a try (and all of the shift-, alt-, ctrl- variations) and it didn't have the effect you mentioned. One of the problems is not knowing _which_ of the modes is supposed to give the variable length cells. Is this a new mode, or is it one that already exists which you have made this change to?

The snapshots are the "unstable" version series so these *will* change for
the better. The point is just in figuring *how* they should be.

Yes, I quite agree, and I'm not trying to be critical about the forward progress; but at the moment it seems that we have lost some existing functionality (the separate text entry and display window) without much in the way of explanation of how to use the new functionality which takes its place.

For example, it would be a trivial change to make the accursed cell bigger
always when entering text. Is that desirable / sufficient? Or do we need
to start wrapping text lines in the accursed cell, making it vertically

I think I'll have to pass on this one, Tuomas - Ted is the designer, and while I certainly want to see (and help make) gZZ more usable and more functional, I think he should be the one to discuss this with you.

One thing I _would_ like to ask for, however, is a little more detail on the changes to the system which affect those using gZZ, as I am trying to do.