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Re: [zzdev] :gzz: key bindings (was: Features wish list 00.07.15)

On 16 Jul, Ted Nelson wrote:
> Three top ones for now:
> ? h, H for Hop
> ? fix view diagram so x and y are offset vertically
> ? / to invoke link operation-- (!) is too hard

What does hop do?

And speaking of hard key strokes, you sure know the keyboard layouts
vary with country and language. For example, in standard Finnish
keyboard '~' is maybe the most difficult character to get (from the
available ones), and you can't even get it in gZZ as it's a "dead key".
Of course it's possible to configure the bindings, but why are we
talking about these then ;-/ Could it be possible to stick to normal
sign characters like + * ( / ? At least these should be available
everywhere (or I don't even know!). 

This is no problem with GUIs.