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:zz: "Advanced UI components" - vs. zzReligion? (wuz Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] :gzz: d.system (wuz Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Alte ring "system list" (wuz Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Story of an unsuspected crash spiral (v.0706)

Tuukka asks--

>Could it
>already be time for some advanced UI components?

I'm not sure what you're referring to,
 but I don't want any of the standard PARC stuff around !-)

Let everything be a cell, or in a cell, or built out of cells.  
 Commonly accessible, commonly manipulable, commonly

Best, Ted

At 06:20 PM 7/11/00 +0300, you wrote:
>On 11 Jul, Tuomas J. Lukka wrote:
>>> How about d.system ?-)
>>>  (And, later if needed, d..system-list, d..system-set, etc.)
>> Right.. and all the cells currently there need not really be there
>> on d.2 at all...
>> Vesa, Tuukka or AJ - any of you feeling up to this? Mostly ZZDefaultSpace
>> modifications.
>Like always, I suggest re-thinking and a new implementation. I still
>don't quite understand how you're going to keep going with these d.1,
>d.2 and d.3 as "universal" dimensions - I could think there'll always
>be clashes like this.
>My intuition says we should change d.1 and d.2 in system space to
>d.system and d.system-list. And I think we should make sure no user
>will want to explore and modify these. There should be nothing so
>special there: we'll make a new Action list for the user (not in that
>awful linear format) etc. Nothing says the user must use the same
>Actions-list as the system's using. This way she can do whatever she
>likes with it, without breaking the system.
>Sure I can do it. Just let's first make the specs clear. Could it
>already be time for some advanced UI components?
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