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On 16 Jul, Ted Nelson wrote:
> Tuukka asks--
>>Could it
>>already be time for some advanced UI components?
> I'm not sure what you're referring to,
>  but I don't want any of the standard PARC stuff around !-)
> Let everything be a cell, or in a cell, or built out of cells.  
>  Commonly accessible, commonly manipulable, commonly
>  viewable.

And I thought these "constraints" were implicit these days =) And what
comes to the PARC stuff, I must admit I believe they've made good
inventions - only implementation wasn't done computers of present in

What I mean with "advanced UI components" is some stuff that would
bring gzz even with "PARC GUIs". The first thing is some way to run
actions (ie something like menus): a small I-raster that is
easily accessible by a key press, showing all the normal commands in a
tree-like structure. 

And IMO it would be much more friendlier towards the user if we had gZZ
check the options the user feeds in - was it really so that you hated
my suggestion that the user could edit a new bindings list anywhere and
then commit it to the system list _after_ the new list has gone through
some sanity checks?


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