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RE: [zzdev] [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] JDK1.1/1.2 compat. problem: cursor keysjjjjj


Thank you for this very kind offer.  I think we'll accept,
 but right now we're in a rush to get to Finland.

The problem is that no one here has the time to study the

The developers won't touch Windows.  I use it, but between
 all my crashes for other reasons and the other work I have to 
 get out, I don't have time to make a deep study.

I wish we could delegate somebody.  But hey, if you're on
 the zzdev list, why not have someone at Micrsoft try to
 make Gzigzag work under Windows ?-)

Best, Ted N.

At 08:23 PM 7/14/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey, not sure if you got my earlier e-mail.  If you have
>any problems that you think may be related to something
>in the way Windows does Java, please do not hesitate to
>contact me and I will open a no-charge support incident
>with our top Java premier support developer consultants.
>My e-mail has been a bit flaky, so if you don't get a
>quick response from me, you could always call at
>Joshua Allen
>Microsoft E-Business West Region
>"No challenge can withstand the assault of sustained thinking" - Voltaire
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>> problem: cursor keysjjjjj
>> Hi, Tuomas
>> >Could you please try to isolate problems so that we could fix them?
>> We're going to try to.  Our big presentations are tomorrow, 
>> so we have to
>> concentrate on working around problems rather than 
>> documenting them.  But
>> after tomorrow we'll especially try to isolate and document them.
>> I can tell you one extremely odd one right now, though.  We 
>> can't key the
>> number 9 into the cell number buffer!  It's happened to all 
>> three of us,
>> using completely different keyboards. 
>> Also, in the process of putting together separate demos, both 
>> Ted and I ran
>> into the situation where the cell number appearing in the 
>> lower left of
>> each window would all of a sudden "stick", ie not change when 
>> you move to a
>> different cell.  A little while after that, it would 
>> disappear completely. 
>> We thought we were being clever by keying in some cell number 
>> and keying g,
>> because then the cell numbers would come back.  But we later 
>> found out that
>> the data structure at that point was corrupt and couldn't be 
>> reloaded. 
>> It's very difficult to say what the series of events leading up to the
>> "sticking point" are because we were doing all the usual stuff -- new
>> cells, linking cells, new dimensions, rotating dimensions, 
>> hopping, etc.
>> More soon,
>> Marlene
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