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Re: [zzdev] Warning: Tree raster can hang you

When will it safe to use a new version?

Best, Ted

At 09:07 AM 7/14/00 +0300, you wrote:
>The new tree raster can hang GZigZag.  Therefore it is recommended that
>the "tree" cell be removed from any existing structures immediately.  It
>was automatically inserted by versions of ZigZag between 2000-07-13T11:45Z
>and now (including the 2000-07-13 jars).
>Current versions of GZigZag do not insert the tree raster into the default
>space, but they contain an enabled tree raster - so if you accidentally
>start it up [by for example using a space that contains the tree raster
>in the raster list], it can hang you.
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