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:zz,cc,dictron: Now hear this !-) The Great Plan

I am very happy to announce that we have a clean
 and clear-cut agenda.  This is the first time in memory
 that software goals have been finite and not in conflict. 

Several other projects (esp.) Dictron have been
 assimilated to ZigZag, reducing conflicts of

So: we will be putting out successive versions
 of ZigZag, with successively more powerful
 and far-ranging capabilities.  In the hope that
 we can create a ZZ interface through a Push
 server, transitioning to a multiplatform system
 through Metrowerks can be postponed.

So that means going on in Perl for awhile.

Bek and Andrew have respectively two roles:
 Bek: adding features, quality control;
 Andrew: audacious changes and major mods.


zz1.0 & HZ2 (the Hot Ziggity Boot Disk)-- or
 perhaps we should call them by the same v. no.
(By Bek.)  

Formerly to be called "0.50", this will be the
 **cleanup** version-- fulfilling promises, making
 things neat.  This will be principally done by Bek.

  What features will be added?  Negotiable.
 It is more important to get out a clean new version
 than to put a lot in-- unless they are features
 that complete, or correct.

  Principal fixes include: fixing Containment (etc.);
 writing to floppy from Hot Ziggity; a few others.


  This will incorporate zzPush, the Push server allowing
 Netscape windows to show zz.  And of course whatever
 else was ready from Bek's desk.

Not assigned numbers but important ------------------
 Dictron functions
 Ability to output and combine slices
 Object-oriented version, especially with cell dating
  and the ability to add new subcells and attributes 
  (to be discussed-- nonobvious structure)
 And, of course, on and on and on.



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