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:zz: Urgent-- For critique: revised HZ instructions (hz1instrux.d5

hz1instrux .d5     98.06.23


This will reboot your Windows machine in Linux,
 running ZigZag 0.49.  We believe it cannot touch
 your hard disk, since we have intentionally omitted
 the hard-disk drivers, but naturally we cannot be
 responsible for any negative consequences should
 this behave in some unwholesome fashion.  (It
 hasn't yet.)


0) You will need an Unzip module-- such as WinZip, available free at
-- presumably you will want "WinZip for Windows 95 & NT",
although there are other options. 

1) To download the HotZiggity module, take your browser to:


The only thing that address does is deliver the
 HotZiggity zip file.

A dialog will ask where you want it downloaded.
 We suggest the Desktop, as a File.

2) When the download is complete, you'll have a strange icon
 sitting on your desktop labelled "zzdemo.zip".
 This contains four files that have been zipped into
 a single package.

Next thing is to get them out.

3)  If you click on the icon for zzdemo.zip 
 (assuming you already have WinZip),
 WinZip will open.  

4)  Select "Extract" and WinZip will take the
 four files out of zzdemo.zip, putting their icons on
 your desktop.  The four files are:

1.  zzdisk
 This is the file which, when correctly copied 
 onto the floppy-- you can't use an ordinary Windows
 copy routine-- will be your boot disk for ZigZag.
2.  zzdisk.doc (Microsoft Word) 
 This instructs you on how to get Zzdisk onto your floppy.
 (Superseded by this note, but use your own judgment.)
3.  rawrite.exe
 This is the program that will correctly move zzdisk
 to your floppy, regardless of what is on the floppy
 -- say goodbye to the previous contents.
4.  rawrite3.doc (Microsoft Word)
 This is a disclaimer about the Rawrite program.  Enjoy.


5)  Click on the icon for rawrite.exe.  (It's a DOS icon,
 meaning it will open a DOS window.)

A window opens, with the prompt--
		Enter disk image source file name:

What you must enter is **not** "zzdisk" (as stated
 in zzdisk.doc).  You must enter the correct pathname
 to Zzdisk.  If Zzdisk is on the desktop, the pathname
 should be:

		c:\Windows\Desktop\zzdisk (return)
		   [caps are not necessary]

Unfortunately you will have to type this, since Rawrite
 is a hardass program without "paste".  (It is actually
 a DOS program, running in a DOS window).

You could, for simplicity, just move Zzdisk to c:,
 in which case the pathname is easier to type:

		 c:\zzdisk (return)

Rawrite will now say

		Enter target diskette drive: 

Now type 

		a: (return)

5)  Rawrite will now say--

         Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press -ENTER- :

Put in the floppy (blank or sacrificial) and press return.

6)  The boot floppy is created.

7)  Do a Windows Shutdown / Restart.  

8)  Enjoy ZigZag.  

Unfortunately you can't save anything just yet.
 We will correct this as soon as possible.

Theodor Holm Nelson, Visiting Professor of Environmental Information
 Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Fujisawa, Japan
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