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Re: :zz: Problems with HZ1 instructions


Having changed it, plz renumber it.

Shall we call it hz0.491, or hz1.01 ?-)

I think there's a case for keeping the numbers
 of the zz and hz as close as possible.


At 03:12 PM 6/26/98 +1000, you wrote:
>On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 04:39:14AM +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
>> It was by no means clear that the next thing to do
>>  was read "zzdisk.doc".
>OK, I've renamed it to "README".
>> And the instructions given there are incorrect.
>> The third line is incorrect.  
>>  Typing "zzdisk" is unacceptable.
>>  It wants the PATHNAME.
>You're right.  I've clarified the instructions as follows:
>Installation instructions
>Prepare a blank formatted floppy disk and insert it in drive A.
>At a DOS command prompt:
>  Change to the directory containing the zzdemo files.
>  Execute the "rawrite" command.
>  When asked to "enter disk image source file name", type "zzdisk".
>  When asked to "enter target diskette drive", type "a:".
>Alternatively, from Windows:
>  Start the "rawrite.exe" program.
>  When asked to "enter disk image source file name", type the full
>    drive and path name of the "zzdisk" file.
>  When asked to "enter target diskette drive", type "a:".
>Once the disk has been created, leave it in the drive and reboot.
>Your computer should boot from the diskette, load Linux, and start ZigZag.
>The version of Linux provided with this demo does not include hard disk
>device drivers and thus should not be able to affect your hard disk in
>any way, however of course we cannot provide any legal warranties.
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