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How far do we go to stop people shooting themselves in the 

You get a really cool crash if you delete the cursor - start up
with a new dataset, press the left arrow 4 times and then delete.
You'll have to ^Z and kill -9 %1 to make it go away, even.

Should we check for this?  What about when people delete some of
the 'main' dimesions from the dimension list, or do other "dumb"


: Gossamer - gossamer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - http://www.tertius.net.au/~gossamer/
: If people won't do the right thing because it is the right thing, I'm
: entirely prepared to compel right behavior from them.  If they do
: something because it's politically correct, or they're embarrassed to
: be seen doing something else, or because they've been blackmailed -
: well, it's not optimal, but it's a damn sight better than simply not
: doing it at all.  -- Joe Woodhouse