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ZZSpace vs Mind Maps

Mind maps as some of you are aware is primarily a note taking
method.  You start out by drawing a central image.  Then you
draw lines with words or images out from the central image.  
And you continue branching out until you have mapped the
subject to your satisfaction.  The method is suppost to be
effective because you are brief -- words instead of sentences 
and making notes that are very visual.  This method is very
helpful in remembering a subject.

I can see a number of interesting simliarities and differences
between mind mapping and zz-space:

-Mind maps start in a center.
-ZZspace has multiple centers.

-Mind maps can hide info according to level of branches.
-ZZspace hides info because it has no place to go.

-Both require significant screen area to use effectively.

-Both methods make use of keywords with optional expansion.

-Mind maps can be remapped onto ZZspace with ease, although you
lose some of the visualation impact.
-ZZspace can be mapped onto mind maps with occasional difficulty (with
loops and paradoxes). Mind maps might be a useful visualiation tool 
for ZZspace because it could fit all dimensions on the screen.

I believe that ZZspace biggest application and more important 
might just be personal note taking.  And ultimately more 
flexible than mind mapping programs.

For more information on mind maps check out:
It is currently the best software for mind mapping available.  
I still don't like it (mostly because I want to have better hardware
to use with it.)