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Re: requesting code for updated udanax green

Green was originally written on V7 then BSD and now linux with no
changes.  It should run on any such machine.  I have a few big fixes
that I'll install soon, they don't have any othere effects besides
fixing things..  I would contend that searches shouldn't be in the
backend, but rather in a seperate search engine "midele end".  It should
be simple to expose Istreamaddresses to the out side world so that
searches can be to I as well as V streams.

MacOSX is BSD and Green should just work there.

The major thing that needs to be done is to make the be-be protocols
work so that the ducuverse can be shared between machines.  However with
the current implementation of the spanfilade links aren't editable. 
This won't take a major redesign, but it will take some design work. 
I'll be glad to be part of the design work.

The current problem that has me stopped it that the Pyxi front end
doesn't work with the Python I've got, so I haven't built the simple
hacks that make the Green server visible from a normal html browser. 
(simple stuff view a link, bollow piocking directions stuff like that, a
few lines of perl or python in a cgi or something like that with a bit
of javascript for the user interactions.

Any takers on fixing Pyxi?  I had a patch but it didn't work.

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 21:33, ED5BAF61B141 FE1829D7F63FF817756D wrote:
> I think it runs on generic UNIX. eventually, yes. if written with generic UNIX in mind, it should run on Mac OSX.
> I personally have tried out green and got it to work before cygwin on my machine died. I have replaced it but it no longer works. I was in hopes of finding a copy of green which does run on any machine, so that I may demonstrate its capabilities.
> as well as finding variants of the original green source code. each variant shows the system at a different angle. the more angles, I have the easier it will be to see what is the same in all of them. I had found a way of using the capabilities green already has. you have to accept the limitations to see beyond them. the limitation I accept now is that the backend will only run on one machine with many frontends connecting, but this may not always be so.
> I have a thought of a few things. I would add to green freezable documents. a frozen document is a document which can no longer change, so trying to edit it, automatically creates a new version.  I have also figured out how to add a primitive search engine but to do that requires a data structure representing a catalog index to which document indexes can be added and removed dynamically. I have not found such a data structure but one probably exists, or could probably be derived from a much more primitive data structure.
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