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Re: requesting code for updated udanax green

I think it runs on generic UNIX. eventually, yes. if written with generic UNIX in mind, it should run on Mac OSX.
I personally have tried out green and got it to work before cygwin on my machine died. I have replaced it but it no longer works. I was in hopes of finding a copy of green which does run on any machine, so that I may demonstrate its capabilities.
as well as finding variants of the original green source code. each variant shows the system at a different angle. the more angles, I have the easier it will be to see what is the same in all of them. I had found a way of using the capabilities green already has. you have to accept the limitations to see beyond them. the limitation I accept now is that the backend will only run on one machine with many frontends connecting, but this may not always be so.
I have a thought of a few things. I would add to green freezable documents. a frozen document is a document which can no longer change, so trying to edit it, automatically creates a new version.  I have also figured out how to add a primitive search engine but to do that requires a data structure representing a catalog index to which document indexes can be added and removed dynamically. I have not found such a data structure but one probably exists, or could probably be derived from a much more primitive data structure.
Dan Dutkiewicz

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