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Re: requesting code for updated udanax green

roger gregory <roger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I would contend that searches shouldn't be in the
>backend, but rather in a seperate search engine "midele end". It should
>be simple to expose Istreamaddresses to the out side world so that
>searches can be to I as well as V streams.
my method of searching would associate a index entry for the document to the document. this index would then be put in a index catalog. when the document is edited the index for that document is removed from the index catalog and is thrown away. the user must explicitly tell the system to index documents. when the user does it creates index entries for the documents, which are then put in the index catalog.
>The current problem that has me stopped it that the Pyxi front end
>doesn't work with the Python I've got, so I haven't built the simple
>hacks that make the Green server visible from a normal html browser.
>(simple stuff view a link, bollow piocking directions stuff like that, a
>few lines of perl or python in a cgi or something like that with a bit
>of _javascript_ for the user interactions.
this is the exact same problem I have. I am working on a java based front end, but do not wait for it.
I would still like to see any of the backend code changes that have been made.
Dan Dutkiewicz

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