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Re: [osmic] Re: [osmic] Rearrange command

Hello again,

I'm kinda feeling relaxed with your favorable reply,
( well, it seems to me.. *grin* )
I was just afraid it might have become meaningless flame......

We better keep staying cool! ;-)

Bek Oberin wrote:

> Me?  I'm weird.  Take a breath.
> This is my standard intro:

Yeah I've heard something about you from Ted & Andrew a long before.

> I know I've been grumping in the last few days, but it seems that this
> project is going insane.  Ted doesn't understand the difference
> between protocol design and idea design and tells me the opposite to
> what Xanni told me; the 6 months of work that I was promised seems to
> have melted into a frantic week-or-two that I may or may not ever get
> paid for ...

Hmm I can understand what you feel, but I believe Ted shouldn't be blamed for that.
I know he is not an absolute specialist of computer science, but on the other hand,
he can provide many exciting visions which ordinary technical people couldn't proide
at all. ( but I'm sure you guys know those stuffs very much...... )

So, I think what we should do on the current stage is just acknowledging
"the protocol design & idea design is different", and is it time to
re-define the entire protocol from scratch?
I don't think it's too late. Also might be better if we could map the software design using UML.

And I hope this discussion will give Ted some new & clear improvement for his
software design paradigm.

But he is stubborn, I like that, though.....;-)

I think it's definetely necessary to act as such, I admit current protocol has
a limitation.
( ex. no protocol/content handler, can't handle multiple primedia stream.....etc )

Now that I've got familiar with HTTP protocol well, ( not at the time, around 2 years ago
when I was striving to create the osmic software ) I can see HTTP is a very reasonable
, simple and extendable protocol.

But Ted's proposed system would bring something which current HTTP design can't
provide at all. That's the point, as you all know.
And also I recognize, as we're going into the core part of osmic (or xanadu network system),
the more we can see contradictions, and weak points of them..........but I still believe lots
of treasure are sleeping in those paradigm.

So it might be very productive, powerful approach to make it very clear
( like being a document or list ) what kind of things
are good/bad. It seems to me Ted hasn't been paying much attention for bad points
of this system. He might have been behaving so as not to admit deficient points, as
I said he is stubborn. ( again, I love that personality. )

Please just make sure he's continuing & striving to provide new paradigm,
that's the fact, no doubt.

[ And speaking about money-payment, I know it's a serious problem. Currently
I'm still only a student, so I don't expect to get paid from him..... but you're
different. Why don't you define a concrete contract specification about developing
your software, Ted ? I believe being good at stable business transaction is important
process to make the project most successful. ]

>    ... no wonder I'm grumpy.

The person which does something interesting is supporse to be a unique guy.
I love "Think & Act Different".

Wow there're so many suggestions & opinions!
Ken'ichi Unnai > 雲内健一
Environmental Information Department of Keio University, Japan