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Re: [osmic] Rearrange command

Kenichi Unnai wrote:
> I'm not sure what kinds of people are watching this mailing list,
> but I think it might be a good introduction of myself..........  too
> personal?  Especially I haven't met you yet, Bek.  I hope to see you
> near future.

Not too personal, just odd for a tech-list.

Me?  I'm weird.  Take a breath.

This is my standard intro:
   I'm Bek.  I'm 24 going on 100, I'm diagnosed with Fibromyalgia,
   CFIDS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Hypermobility Syndrome,
   Osteoporosis, Neurally Mediated Hypotension and some others I
   forget.  I take this to be doctor speak for "There's something
   wrong with you and it hurts, but we aren't overly sure what it is"!
   I've been sick 4 years now, use a wheelchair for long outings (the
   zoo, things like that) but with home-help twice a week I'm managing
   to live by myself.

   I'm a computer geek by trade.  I program Perl and solve problems
   for people.  I'm one of the staff of Netizen
   (http://www.netizen.com.au/) which is new and still being set up -
   I manage about an hour's work a day, from home.  Thank heavens for
   the internet and being able to work without -going- anywhere!

   I'm part of a polyfamily (http://www.tertius.net.au/tertius/) with
   five members currently, and probably two more to be added within
   the next year.  They're all wonderful, -wonderful- people and I
   feel utterly blessed to have them around me.  They've all made an
   effort to understand and deal with what's wrong with me, and offer
   practical and emotional support when I ask for it.  Can you tell I
   love them lots?  :) 

My personal webpage is at http://www.tertius.net.au/~gossamer/, and my
"work" webpage at http://www.netizen.com.au/~bekj/.  Anything else you
want to know, ask away.

I know I've been grumping in the last few days, but it seems that this
project is going insane.  Ted doesn't understand the difference
between protocol design and idea design and tells me the opposite to
what Xanni told me; the 6 months of work that I was promised seems to
have melted into a frantic week-or-two that I may or may not ever get
paid for ... 

   ... no wonder I'm grumpy.


: --Hacker-Neophile-Eclectic-Geek-Grrl-Queer-Disabled-Boychick--
: gossamer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   http://www.tertius.net.au/~gossamer/
: Techniques employ four qualities that reflect the nature of our
: world.  Depending on the circumstance, you should be: hard as a
: diamond, flexible as a willow, smooth-flowing like water, or as
: empty as space.
: -- Morihei Ueshiba, 'The Art of Peace' (The founder of Aikido. A
: martial art which, in its original form, has *no* offensive
: techniques, only defensive ones.)