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Re: [osmic] Rearrange command

Bek Oberin wrote:

> Isn't everything technically transcluded from the primedia
> stream though?
> It's just that you own some of the stuff but not other stuff ...
> bekj

Hi Bek --

Yep you're right. Everything is the material which is extracted/referred by the pointers from
primedia stream.

The first time when Ted explained to me what he was thinking, he proposed the four type
so I programmed each operation as a different action.

But Bek, your suggestion would be efficient, I think, too.
( but client code would get more complicated....... )

Let me tell you the situation when I programmed those server & client.
Actually those perl server & elisp-emacs client were my first program/works
in Perl/Lisp language.
At that time I was not familiar with regular expression very much, so I avoided to use
it as much as possible.
So the point is, I *was* concentrating on creating the "working" code, not
very efficient & elegant code! :-)

By the way, while visualizing Ted's idea, I was very careful to show it
as artworks, you'll see my striving, like some string moving animations,
so that people can enjoy to watch what's happening on OSMIC system. I believe this is
very important. Technology should be always well-balanced with the art form.

........so anyway, having learned two different computer languages,
understood Ted's idea, and coded both programs at the same time
was very good & exciting experience to me, I learned lots of interesting stuffs,
as my best friends/teachers Ted Nelson & Andrew Pam know it well ;-)

So I would really appreciate if you excuse me, although there might be some part
which is not efficient very much....

Appendix -- my current interests are:

Object-oriented software design in Java, using UML.
Data Structures & Argorithms in Java.
Learning business process. ( I'll work for some high-tech German company
which is dealing with business transaction & management. )
Network engineering.
Graphics Designing.
Reading books concerning the history of the world.
Listening to looooots of different kinds of music all over the world.
Praying for the peace of the world in July, 1999.

I'm not sure what kinds of people are watching this mailing list, but I think it might be
a good introduction of myself.......... too personal?  Especially I haven't met you yet, Bek.
I hope to see you near future.

Thanks for taking time to read this message.

Ken'ichi Unnai > 雲内健一
Environmental Information Department of Keio University, Japan