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Re: [xanadu] questions about formatting in Xanadu

Hi Jack,

I know, I think, what the plan for capitalization was, because we had
it implemented in Gzz at some point.

On 6/9/06, Jack Seay <jackseay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For example, if it is attempted to automatically
capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence, but
change the case if that word is moved to the middle of the sentence,
that would not work for proper names or acronyms.

You would type in a capital letter for acronyms and proper names even
at the beginning of a sentence. People would be expected to get used
to it.

The way sentences are delimited is by putting two spaces between them,
but only one between words. The first letter after a sentence break
would be shown capitalized even if it was stored as small caps

Xanadu may have been different, of course, but I believe the above
design came from Ted.

- Benja