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questions about formatting in Xanadu

If I remember correctly, in the specifications of Xanadu, it should try to keep track of formatting and capitalization, and apply them to a new version of a document. It seems to me that this could present a number of problems. For example, if it is attempted to automatically capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence, but change the case if that word is moved to the middle of the sentence, that would not work for proper names or acronyms. Also, if formatting such as bold, underline, font type and size applies to text (including nested and overlapping formatting), and words are moved around, added, and deleted; then how do you know what formatting to apply to the changed text?

What would seem a simpler and better solution is to simply have the formatting tags apply to spans of the permascroll. Make a set of these formatting tags into a "format set" to overlay onto any version of a document. If the document is edited into a new version, the old "format set" could still be applied to it, but would only apply formatting when it refers to the same characters in the permascroll. So a word that is capitalized, then moved from the start of the sentence to the middle would retain it's capitalization. If this is not what is wanted, two solutions could be used. Change the letter to non-capitalized, or apply a special format tag called "lowercase", so the same word in the permascroll is still pointed to (and links don't break). While this will sometimes make editing more time consuming, (because manual capitalization changes will need to be made), it would avoid the use of complicated algorithms and leave the decisions regarding what are proper names and acronyms to the human editors.

I drew a diagram showing what I think might be a simple way of creating and applying format sets to versions of documents at http:// hyperworlds.org/mindmaps/VersionsFormats.html Let me know what you think of these ideas, and if you see any errors. The diagram isn't intended to show any kind of completeness of structure, but just to conceptualize the general ideas of formatting in Xanadu.