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Re: Presentation on Xanalogical Data Structures

> In ISO when describing TCP/IP, they hang bridges btw middle layers,
> indicating the logical link layer exchanging packets.  I think I can
> represent the BE-BE interface the same way.
> But no, Green doesn't implement the BE-BE interface at all.
Now that the internals aren't secret, the BE-BE protocol need not be
mysterious it just has to convey the information about I addresses as
well as V addresses.  

A major deficiency in green is the inability to edit links.  I think all
the structure is there to retrieve the link and for each span remove the
link from the span and remove that span from the SPANF if it doesn't
belong in any other link.  Not too hard, but given all the other
deficiencies of green I'm not up to it right now.

I've got a lot more to say, but I've been busy with the rocket and NASA
proposal stuff.  I think our hypertext approaches could generate NASA
research money, if we wanted to get a crew together to work on it.  Any
real interest?
Roger Gregory
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