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Re: more repairs to green

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 12:57 AM, Roger Gregory wrote:

A related note. Linux doesn't seem to have a "raw" disk mode in the old standard unix way. Similar functionality can be achived in other ways If we are still interested in that.

How about implementing all the data storage stuff as a filesystem driver? Then instead of having to work with the datastore is a single file, you can just work in xanadu terms with the disk :)

I guess you'd need to find all kinds of analogs to files and directories and links though. (And isn't there something called a "door" on SunOS or something?)

I don't really know that much about linux file systems, though I've thought about various virtual filesystems to work with stuff like Freenet etc.


(Xanadu mailing list lurker for a while -- forgot it was still here!)


Reed Hedges